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Active Development Investments A.S. (ADI) is a Czech investment group that owns, operates and manages thermal farms in the Czech Republic, implements construction projects in heating industry, energy, renewable energy sources, water supply, Gas and residential development. ADI is a supplier of indoor and outdoor LED lighting for companies, municipalities and cities, invests in innovative and ecological projects for the management of plastic waste as well as projects of unique crop cultivation.


The ADI emphasizes the use of state-of-the-art technologies and invests only in projects with permanent added value. These aspects lead to the fulfillment of service to clients – thus ensuring their maximum satisfaction, investing adequate funds, ensuring quality service and setting optimal operating costs. The ADI projects are environmentally friendly and bring benefits to clients in the environment in which they move.


ADI realizes projects with open minds and wholisticaly and tries to always find such solutions that will bring people more than just profit. The group also invests in completely new opportunities without beaten paths. Active Development Investments A.S. is registered in the commercial register maintained by the Municipal court in Prague under the file Mark B 4932, company ID: 47311614 

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